Rudraksha Diksha

What is Rudraksha?
What are the different items in my Rudraksha Diksha package?
I am not sure which thread is what in the Rudraksha Diksha package and what to do with them?
How to untie Abhaya Sutra after 48 days?
Do I have to condition the Rudraksha as soon as I receive it?
Can I wear Rudraksha along with my previously worn Rudraksha and how to take care of it? Do I have to do pooja before wearing it?
How should I wear my Rudraksha?
What is the Sadhana mentioned on the package? Is it the Mahashivratri Sadhana offered by Sadhguru?
When will I tentatively receive the Rudraksha Diksha package
Can I track my Rudraksha Diksha package